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Garden String Lights - How to Create a Fairy-tale Scenery in Your Garden?

Garden String Lights - How to Create a Fairy-tale Scenery in Your Garden?

Picture this: you're lounging in your garden on a warm, pleasant summer evening, surrounded by great company. But as dusk turns to dark, you realize you're missing one crucial element - outdoor lighting. What now? It's either the end of the party or moving the fun indoors. If you want to enjoy those warm evenings even after sunset, it's time to think about illuminating your garden.

Ever thought about using garden string lights to create a unique atmosphere? They're the perfect way to brighten up and bring life to your space, significantly extending those evening moments.

Why opt for EDO Solutions' garden string lights?

For those seeking top-quality decorations with a unique ambiance, EDO Solutions' garden string lights are the go-to. Their versatility means they're perfect not just for gardens, gazebos, and pergolas, but also for restaurants, cafes, and even wedding venues. And let's not forget the friendly price tag - a big plus in these times.

Our string lights are easy to connect, and with a maximum light source power of 35W per socket, you can safely connect:

  • up to three pieces for 10m lengths,
  • up to two pieces for 15m or 20m lengths.

With various lengths available, you can confidently choose the one that suits you best. The length also determines how many bulbs your setup will have.

The sockets in our string lights are E27, the most popular kind. So, feel free to pick some decorative bulbs, like the Edison ones, especially those in the Vintage style! A small detail here can make a big difference in setting the right mood.

Did you know that the color temperature of light can significantly affect how we perceive a lighting fixture? For those evening BBQs, a warm light is best to ensure the light isn't glaring and the conversation flows smoothly.

Worried about rain? No need! With an IP54 rating, our string lights can practically stay out all season. And remember, in case of any unexpected mishaps, EDO Solutions offers a 2-year warranty on these lights.

Admit it, this is an excellent solution for you, your parents, and even that buddy you've shared countless beers with at the grill.

Wondering if they're easy to install?

Absolutely! Just plug them into a socket. No need to call an electrician. Then, hang them in a gazebo, over doorways, or create a stunning chain above your garden table - simply attach the string lights to a tree or fence.

PS: If you run out of cable, of course, you can always buy more from us :)

In short - outdoor lighting like our garden string lights is a fantastic way to decorate your garden, give it a new character, and create a special atmosphere for any events you host.

Easy installation and weather resistance mean they'll serve you well for many seasons to come.